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Poem Of The Week

This week we present a second poem titled  Don't Stand At My Grave And Weep.

You'll want to read about the history of this incredible poem.

Joke Of The Week

This week's Joke of the Week is another cute joke about an elderly man with a heavy foot.

Music Of The Week

This week's  video features Korea’s Got Talent: Choi, Sung-bong.

Be sure to read Joan Saloomey's introduction to this incredible video.

Story Of The Week

This week we present another of the Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" - "How The Whale Got His Throat"


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Target Reviews

Product/Title Description/Notes
See You At The Top Zig Ziglar at his finest!
Your Secret Wealth Jay Abraham's ground breaking work.
Lead the Field Earl Nightingale's masterpiece.
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill started it all in 1937 with this masterpiece.
The Rich Janitor Read this eye opening and shocking review.
WordPress Crash Course Learn to create websites with WordPress.
CPA Instruments How to make money with Online Marketing.

Help Wanted!

WebPlex is actively seeking contributors for content:

  • Poets and poetry loves can contribute original work or work that is in the public domain.

  • Comedians, jokesters, and anyone who just plain loves a good laugh can contribute original work or work that is in the public domain.

  • Writers of children stories.  We desperately need contributors to our new featured section.

  • Music Videos.  Have a great local group or artist you want to promote.  You can feature them in our new Music Videos section.  Simply post their video to and email us the link.

If you're interested in working with WebPlex, please email us at



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